Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Gear4 D3O Black Denali Case

Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Gear4 D3O Black Denali Case

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Previously known as Battersea, the Gear4 Denali case provides ultimate protection thanks to its extra D3O® coverage inside the case.


The Gear4 Denali case provides extra protection with D3O® coating the entire interior of the case. Featuring a flexible TPU design and a textured polycarbonate back, this durable case is perfect for anyone looking for protection without adding bulk to their device.


Approved by D3O®

D3O® is a world-renowned specialist impact protection company, that uses its unique knowledge and know-how to advise regulatory bodies on the best practice for impact protection.


D3O® is a patented material proven to deliver superior impact protection through advanced shock absorption. D3O® is used by the military and medical field as well as in workwear, sports apparel, motorcycle apparel and footwear.


D3O® material has a unique molecular structure that is soft and flexible, but on shock, the molecules lock together causing impact energy to dissipate which reduces force and then returns to its flexible state. The greater the force of the impact, the more the molecules lock together and the greater the protection.

Key Features:

16-feet drop protection

Black PC back with soft touch finish

Flexible TPU sides for easy fitting with D3O® inside

Extra D3O® for greater impact protection

Incorporates recycled plastics

100% plastic-free recyclable packaging with plant-based ink