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Ellia Calm and Concentration Essential Oil - 3pk - 15-07298

Sale price$39.99

With Ellia essential oil blends 3-pack, encourage concentration or inspire a calm in a stress-free space. This bundle features three signature blends: Pay Attention, Be Centered, and Let Go.


Kick-start your Ellia essential oil collection or stock up on your favorites. Whether you use them to stay focused or start to unwind, these scents can work aromatic wonders when used in an essential oil diffuser. Pay Attention can help promote your productivity. Be Centered is grounding, which makes it great for meditation. And Let Go leads to peace and relaxation. Use any one of them in your everyday life, and they’ll instantly transform your space and spirit.


How to Use Ellia Essential Oils

Ellia essential oils can be used at the office or at home in one of Ellia’s electric diffusers or add a little calm to a smaller space with one of the Non-Electric Element diffusers.

Additional Features

  • Scent: Citrus, mint, floral, herb & spice, conifers & leaves, resin & wood
  • Type: Signature blend, 3 pack
  • Use: Diffuser, topical, household
  • Benefit: Relax & sleep, inspire inner balance, cleanse & purify