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Weddingstar Basketball Adult Reusable Washable Cloth Face Mask - 15-08169

Sale price$4.99

The Weddingstar reusable cloth face masks have fashionable, lightweight design and adjustable fit to offer a comfortable wearing experience while protecting you and others.


Designed with a variety of unique features to provide an effective, comfortable fit, the Weddingstar reusable cloth face masks are a great accessory for personal use as you complete everyday errands beyond the safety of your home.


The lightweight, soft cotton-blend mask features a bendable wire nose piece and adjustable length ear bands to ensure maximum comfort and a gape-free fit. Included in the innovative design is a sturdy hidden pocket inside the mask to hold a single-use PM 2.5 five-layer carbon filter (sold separately, see 15-08045) for improved protection against particulates, allergens, and pollutants. The reusable cloth covering is available in a range of colours and patterns, offering an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and stylish alternative to disposable masks. It is recommended that you hand-wash and hang dry the cloth face-covering between uses to get the most out of your mask and further aid your efforts to protect yourself and your loved ones.


How to Care for Your Mask

1. Wash before wearing for the first time

2. Hand wash cold and hang to dry

3. Do not bleach, press, iron or steam

4. Wash after every wear

5. Replace disposable filter with each use

Additional Features

  • 100% Cotton & Rayon reusable mask
  • Interior Pocket to insert disposable PM 2.5 filter (sold separately) for 5 layers of superior protection
  • Modern design for maximum breathability
  • Adjustable nose clip for custom fit. Helps to prevent fogging when mask is worn with eye glasses
  • Adjustable ear straps to maximize comfort
  • Hand wash & hang to dry